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Johan Söderqvist


Den 1 november 2021 har Möbelfaktas kravspecifikation inom del 2, Miljö, uppdaterats 

The revision  was carried out through Möbelfakta's criteria council and its working groups, discussions with furniture manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

The criteria have also taken into account the Procurement Authority's referral regarding new sustainability criteria for furniture and Adda's Sustainability Certificate level High linked to procurement School and Preschool 2020 and Office and Care 2021.

You can find the requirements specification for version 2021-11-01 here.

Transition periods

The transition period is set to May 1, 2022. Until then, all furniture manufacturers must have ensured that their declared products meet the new requirements.

An exception applies to requirement Formaldehyde in wood-based boards, where the transition period is set to November 1, 2022.

Subcontractor certificate

In connection with the update of criteria, there are also updated subcontractor certificates.

You can find subcontractor certificates here.

Vilka är de stora ändringarna?

The criteria have been updated with a number of editorial changes in the requirements to facilitate the interpretation of the requirements.

Major changes apply (see amendment document here): Formaldehyde in wood-based flat panels
Change: New requirement level for formaldehyde in MDF / HDF 65% of E1 and other wood-based flat boards 50% of E1 Flame retardants in textile/leather
Change:TDCPP added Formaldehyde in textile/leather
Change: Reduced requirement for formaldehyde in textiles / leather to 75 ppm and 20 ppm for children  Water-, dirt- and grease-repellent impregnations textile/leather/artificial leather
Change: 6 substances added Colouring agents textile/leather
Change: Addition of 10 dyes that must not be actively added to textiles / leather Biocidal treatment
Change: New requirement regarding biocide treatment Softeners/phthalates in plastic/rubber
Change: H340, H350 added. Surface treatment – risk hazard classifications
Change: H362, H420 added
2.2.4 Product information
Change: Product information should also include a repair instruction

Comments or suggestions regarding the criteria?
If you have comments or questions on the requirements please contact us at

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