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You will find the manual and login link for the e-declaration on the right.
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The complete declaration is signed digitally through separate authorizations by the Möbelfakta declarant and the company's CEO. (Only in swedish)
The English Declaration Form must be printed and signed by the Möbelfakta declarant and CEO.

Intyg och publicering
Deklarerande företag kan ladda hem intyg genom e-deklarationen. För engelska deklaranter  kan intyg skickas.
Godkända produkter publiceras på

Support to declarants
Contact if you have questions

Changes i declared products
If you want to make changes to already approved declarations, order this via the form below.
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How to apply for Möbelfakta.

Deklaration and audit

The first time you declare a piece of furniture
When declaring the first piece of furniture, an audit will be performed at the company within one month.

The audit is a prerequisite for being able to obtain the label. If you are working on your first declaration, you can contact the auditor to plan the audit so that you can receive your label as soon as possible.

If an audit has shown that the company meets all Möbelfakta's requirements and that the company has signed the license agreement, a certificate is issued that the furniture manufacturer is approved and can make full use of Möbelfakta.

What is required of the company
The company must be able to present a comprehensive documentation that proves that the criteria in Möbelfakta's requirements are followed. Full transparency is expected from the company regarding how the content of the requirements specification is complied with. Compliance checks are performed at both companies and their suppliers. In the event that a company or its supplier violates the requirements, corrective measures must be taken.

A corrective measure means that a furniture manufacturer ensures that its own company, or supplier, rectifies the deviation as quickly as possible.

Review by third party auditor
Declarations are handled digitally via the e-declaration when it has been completed and signed.

English declaration forms are sent

The third party auditor receives the declarations and sends confirmation that documentation has been received - then an audit begins.

The auditor provides feedback either to request additional information or with a statement of approval. Provided that the respective declaration is correct and no additions are required, the goal is for approval to take place within 5 working days.

Certificate and publication
Declaring companies can download certificates through the e-declaration. Certificates can be sent for English declarants.
Approved products are published on

For more info on third party auditors,

Marketing with Möbelfakta

Möbelfakta is a brand that stands for quality, environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Furniture with Möbelfakta's logo signals our relevant and uniform requirements - requirements that give you as a manufacturer, retailer and purchaser a stronger brand and a clear competitive advantage over the customer.

There are also different types of marketing materials for Möbelfakta that you can use in your business.

See the price list on the right for printed products and various digital files to download.

Möbelfakta broschure
You can also download a folder about Möbelfakta in printable, landscape format - Swedish resp. English version.
If you want to order folders - contact Johan Söderqvist,



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