There are two regular courses linked to Möbelfakta - a full-day course to declare furniture and a half-day course, focused on risk assessment of suppliers. In addition, adapted training is arranged as needed.

Contact us if there is interest in attending courses in addition to advertised opportunities.

Declaration Course

Full Day Course

Review of the Möbelfakta requirements

Review of documentation

How to declare a product?

SEK 7500 ex. VAT per participant.

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Risk analysis of suppliers

Half-day Course

Möbelfakta' requirement for social responsibility

Systematic social responsibility

Risk assessment tools

Risk mapping of the supply chain

SEK 3000 ex. VAT per participant.

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Information meetings about new requirements within responsible supply chains

Information 1 hour in swedish

Information on new requirements that apply from 1 April 2021

Human rights, labor law, the environment and anti-corruption.

How to systematically identify and manage risks of deviations from the requirements

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Declaration course

See declaration course in English.

Upcoming course:
March 30, 2021, 10:00-16:00 (swe)
Course will be held in Teams. More information to come.
Cost: 7 500 SEK per person.

Anmälan stängd

Information meetings about new requirements within responsible supply chains

The purpose of the revision of Möbelfakta's requirements in Part 3 has been to ensure that these continue to correspond to the requirements set in national public procurement. At the time of the formulation of Möbelfakta's requirements (part 3), in the forthcoming version, these are in full harmonization with the Procurement Authority's requirements for sustainable supply chains at the advanced level and the National Office Sustainable utveckling.

In order to present the revised requirements and the main changes to the previous version, it has been decided that all companies that declare furniture will participate in a shorter information meeting. This means that at least one of the company's approved declarants must be present. As a company, you have the opportunity to choose one of the following three opportunities via Teams.Informationsträffar gällande nya kraven kommer äga rum via Teams.

den 27 april kl 09:00-10:00

den 20 maj kl 15:00-16:00

Advanced course - risk analysis of suppliers

According to Möbelfakta criterias in Social Responsability

NEW! The course will cover future requirements within Responsible supply chains. Information about the upcoming revision of the requirements will be presented at during the month of March.

Upcoming course:
May 5, 2021, 09:30-16:00

Course will be held in Teams. More information to come.
(Limited number of participants)
Fee: SEK 3,000 ex. VAT per participant.

Declaration course in English

The course covers the Möbelfakta requirements within all three areas; environment, quality and social responsibility. During the training you will find out which documents the company must hold in order to get the right to label furniture with Möbelfakta. After completion of the training each participant receives a course certificate and gets the right to declare furniture in the Möbelfakta system.

Arranged yearly on demand. If interested, please enter a registration of interest.

Training in sales and marketing

We offer training in Möbelfakta adapted for sellers or marketers at furniture companies that work with Möbelfakta.

The course is half a day and provides basic knowledge of Möbelfakta and its requirements. The focus of the course is how the labeling system can be used in procurement, purchasing, product development and not least in marketing and sales.

The course is held in Swedish on request. Contact

Risk analysis of suppliers

The requirements for companies to respect human rights, basic labor law principles and environmental standards are increasing. This is expressed in requirements in procurement, but also through different stakeholders' expectations of companies. Möbelfakta conducts annual courses to help furniture manufacturers with tools and working methods for managing social responsibility in the supply chain.


The course is held in Swedish.