Furniture with minimal impact in both production and use

Möbelfakta's environmental criteria are divided into mandatory material requirements and mandatory product requirements. The material requirements mainly concern raw materials and components used in the manufacture of the furniture, while the product requirements concern the finished furniture.

The material requirements include requirements that wood raw material must originate from legal and acceptable sources. Furthermore, requirements are placed on a number of chemicals that should be minimized or completely avoided in boards, textiles / leather / leather, plastics / rubber, upholstery materials, adhesives and metals as well as products intended for surface treatment.
The product requirements apply to the furniture itself and include requirements for labeling, spare parts, product information, care instructions and packaging.
The furniture manufacturer must be able to present a comprehensive documentation that proves that the environmental requirements are complied with. In most cases with regard to material requirements, subcontractors must produce the necessary documentation to demonstrate that the requirements are met. With regard to product requirements, it is usually the furniture manufacturer himself who must produce the necessary documentation or, where applicable, certify that measures have been taken to meet the requirements.

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