Om Möbelfakta

Möbelfakta is a sustainability label for furniture owned by IVL and Trä- och Möbelföretagen (TMF). In the database, you will find furniture and furniture series that meet Möbelfakta's requirements in quality, environment and responsible supply chains. The database is open and freely accessible for anyone to search.

Möbelfakta's board is responsible for the content of Möbelfakta. The Criteria Council develops the criteria in accordance with the standard ISO 14024, which means that the products meet environmental requirements set by an independent third party, that the requirements are continuously tightened and that they are developed from a life cycle perspective.

The requirements go hand in hand with requirements for furniture set by the Procurement Authority, Sweden's Municipalities and Regions and ADDA (formerly SKL Kommentus Inköpscentral).

IVL is the majority owner and guarantees Möbelfakta's independence as a type 1 eco-labeling system. Today, Möbelfakta has almost 60 active companies with over 1000 pieces of furniture or furniture series. Möbelfakta started as a quality label as early as 1972.

Why Möbelfakta?

Möbelfakta is a tool for producers, buyers, designers, architects and others who use or work with furniture.

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