Ecolabel in public procurement

Today, the Public Procurement Act gives procurers the opportunity to use ecolabels as evidence to ensure that a product meets the requirements set. This provides great opportunities for purchasers to do sustainable business, but it also means that the ecolabel must meet a number of conditions in order to be used. A type 1 ecolabel according to ISO 14024 meets the basic requirements for use in public procurement.

Möbelfakta meets the requirements for a type 1 eco-label, which means that it can be used in public procurement. Products that are approved by Möbelfakta thus meet environmental requirements that are established by an independent third party and that are developed from a life cycle perspective.

Use Möbelfakta as a type 1 ecolabel
Download information about procurement rules and regulations for the use of Möbelfakta as a type 1 label in Norway. (Norwegian)

Use the ecolabel correctly!
Keep in mind that Möbelfakta can only be used for the furniture categories and user environments that are covered by the requirement criteria. Check that the furniture referred to in the procurement is stated in Möbelfakta's requirements specification, see möbelfakta's requirements here.

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