Ensures Möbelfakta's criteria

Möbelfakta's external criteria council has the task of ensuring that relevant and current criteria are set, based on external analysis, expert competence and the interests of the industry and contracting parties.

The Criteria Council is a guarantor that Möbelfakta's requirements specification is developed in consultation with all stakeholders and in line with the standard for Ecolabelling Type I, in accordance with SS-ISO 14024.

The Criteria Council consists of representatives from furniture companies, academia, industry organizations, contracting authorities and is led and coordinated by the representatives from Möbelfakta.

The criteria must be continuously updated based on current standardization, in relation to new science and new legal and market requirements. Surveillance of the outside world is also an important part of the Council's work.

Möbelfakta's criteria council meets at least twice a year.

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