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The technical requirements of Mobelfakta are based on established standardizations for furniture; partly European standards (EN-standards) but also international standards (ISO-standards) .The furniture must meet these standards.

Performance requirements

Standards (EN:s) for high performance furniture are set by the European Committee for Standardization, CEN, within its Technical Committee. When a relevant EN is not available Möbelfakta requirements, as far as possible, are set according to global ISO standards.
The technical requirements Möbelfakta are based on these standards. Products conforming to the requirements of Möbelfakta thereby fulfill the requirements of the standards. This makes marketing easier as well as exportation of furniture.

Use Classes/Performance criteria

Möbelfakta has five "Use Classes" for which a piece of furniture can be tested and approved.
They are:

- Domestic, including furniture for kitchen and bathroom
- Non-domestic environment
- Office environment
- School environment
- Outdoor

A piece of furniture may be approved for more than one Use Class.

The criteria for approval have seven  categories:

- Safety/Behavior
- Dimensions
- Surface resistance
- Fire/Flammability
- Upholstery covering
- Acoustics
- Glass

Furniture fulfilling the requirements according to Möbelfakta are third party controlled and verified. They are presumed to withstand normal use and wear. They are safe and behave adequately for the use class they have been tested and approved for.


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