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All stages of the manufacturing process must be live up to strict environmental requirements. From raw materials to finished product.
The environmental requirements of Mobelfakta are based on the criteria for public procurement of furniture from the National Agency for Public Procurement (Upphandlingsmyndigheten). The National Agency for Public Procurement has an overall responsibility for developing and supporting the procurement carried out by the contracting authorities and entities.

Möbelfakta puts a number of demands on the material used for producing the pieces furniture to be tested. It is vital that used raw material, components and chemical compounds pose as limited strain as possible on the environment and that the risks for producers as well as for consumers are minimized. Möbelfakta encourages use of renewable raw materials as much as possible. For instance wood and wood based material must origin from legal forestry where concern is shown towards socially and biologically valuable areas. Furthermore, chemicals and compounds considered to be harmful or hazardous should be avoided.

Mobelfakta also puts a number of demands on the produced furniture. It is important that already when developing and producing the piece of furniture precautions must be made, for example so as to ensure a safe recycling once it is worn out. Furthermore, Mobelfakta requires that prerequisites are made for well suited maintenance during the furniture’s life cycle by means of adequate information and availability of spare parts. Also packaging and traceability are important issues. In conclusion the intention is that the piece of furniture will affect the environment as little as possible during its life time and recycling.


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