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The group, which governs the requirements which form Möbelfakta, is the technical committe of furniture - within TMF.

- The technical requirements are based on established standardizations for furniture; partly European  standards (EN-standards) but also international standards (ISO-standards) - (homepage for standardizations).

- The environmental requirements are based on criteria from the council of environmental control (Miljöstyrrådet); (the homepage of Miljöstyrningsrådet).

- The requirements of social responsibility are based on ”The Global Compact”, ten principles of ethical enterprising which origin from United Nation´s ”Code of Conduct” - (the homepage of the Swedish government).

New methods for testing various furniture properties are constantly being developed. The EN- and ISO-standards, environment criteria as well as ethical guidelines which form the requirement specifications, will likewise show developmental change within the foreseeable future, a fact which explains the continual development of the Möbelfakta standard.

The technical committee within the furniture department of TMF, get together around five times a year to look over national & international standardizations as well as technical criteria for furniture.

The environment critieria  – published on the homepage of Miljöstyrningsrådet – are also revised on a regular basis. Depending on the product as well as the legal/technical development it will take place with a variating frequency, though no later than three years after its latest publication or modification.

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