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Möbelfakta is based on three areas of requirements; Quality (technical requirements), Environment and Social responsibility

- The technical requirements are based on established standardizations for furniture; partly European  standards (EN-standards) but also international standards (ISO-standards) - (web site for standardizations).

- The environmental requirements of  are based on the criteria for public procurement of furniture from the National Agency for Public Procurement (Upphandlingsmyndigheten - The National Agency for Public Procurement has an overall responsibility for developing and supporting the procurement carried out by the contracting authorities and entities.

- The requirements of social responsibility are based on ”The Global Compact”, ten principles of ethical enterprising which origin from United Nation´s ”Code of Conduct” -

New methods for testing various furniture properties are constantly being developed. The EN- and ISO-standards, environment criteria as well as ethical guidelines which form the requirement specifications, will likewise show developmental change within the foreseeable future, a fact which explains the continual development of the Möbelfakta standard.

Möbelfakta´s Criteria Council

The task of Möblefakta´s external Criteria Council is to ensure that relevant and current criteria are set, based on external analysis, expert competence and all other relevant stakeholders.

The Council shall, if necessary, propose changes of the criteria for Möbelfakta's Board, which then make decisions on changes regarding the criteria for quality, environment and / or social responsibility.
The criteria shall be updated continuously in relation to new science and new legal and market requirements, as well as standardization. Monitoring and comparisons with other labeling systems is also included in the work.
The criteria is developed in accordance with the ISO 14025 standard, which means that the products meet environmental requirements set by an independent third party, that the requirements are continually increased and that they take into account the life-cycle perspective of the product.
The criteria council meets at least twice a year.


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