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The purpose of Möbelfakta is to make it easier for producers to prove how they meet the increasing demands of the industry, and easier for procurers and consumers to find products that meet the criteria in quality, environment and social responsibility.

A piece of furniture, which lives up to the three areas of requirements of Möbelfakta, has undergone extensive testings, is produced according to ethical guidelines and has been approved according to environmental requirements. In short Möbelfakta is a guarantee of high quality products.


Trä- och Möbelföretagen (TMF)

Besöksadress: Storgatan 19,  Stockholm
Postadress: Box 555 25, 102 04 Stockholm
Tel: 08-762 72 50 (vxl)
E-post: info@mobelfakta.se 
Webbplats: mobelfakta.se