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The purpose of Möbelfakta is to form a strong level and starting-point for the furniture producer; nationally as well as internationally. The industry has lacked a reference and labeling system, which includes and covers all three areas of requirements,  and therefore it has been difficult to survey all possible guidelines to follow. Declaration and labeling are now on the agenda where a designed course gives manufactuers and producers permission to label their furniture and claim Möbelfakta-status.

Möbelfakta will be of great help to designers, manufacturers, buyers, architects and others who use, produce or work with furniture in their attempts to determine important qualities. TMF foresees a potential with a mutual reference system, not the least when it comes  to export and marketing procedures. Möbelfakta will, furthermore, work as a tool and guideline for buyers at public purchasing, both a federal and municipal level, and be a link between the producer and customer.

A piece of furniture, which lives up to the three areas of requirements of Möbelfakta, has undergone extensive testings, is produced according to ethical guidelines and has been approved according to environmental requirements. In short Möbelfakta is a guarantee of high quality products.

Möbelfakta will also be of help if the time comes for more advanced producer responsibility.


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