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Möbelfakta has existed as a conception and has been part of the Swedish furniture industry since the 1970´s. It is entirely voluntary for all parties. The reference and labeling system was originally developed by the Swedish Furniture Industry Association (TMF), in co-operation with representatives from the furniture businesses. To begin with the main focus was on safety and durability issues, secured through thorough testing and a certain Möbelfakta declaration. Development 1995-97 improved its content as well as adapted it to modern requirements and test methods. From now on environment criteria was included.

Since 2002 Möbelfakta is owned and administered by TMF. Since then Möbelfakta has been a foundation for determination of furniture quality. 2010 an updated third version of the reference and labeling system was launched on the market - new Möbelfakta.


Trä- och Möbelföretagen (TMF)

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