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Furniture which fulfill the requirements of Möbelfakta may be labeled with Möbelfakta. In order to achieve the right to label furniture, and market that the products are in accordance with Möbelfakta, at least one person at the producer shall have participated in a one-day-course on Möbelfakta.
Step 1 - Course
Step 2 - Declaration
Step 3 - Certificate issued by Trossa 

Declaration course

To attain the right to use Möbelfakta in marketing and labelling you attend a one-day-course.The declaration course covers the requirements according to Möbelfakta within all three areas; performance, environment and social responsibility, and all the requirements and relevant documentation for validating the demands will be presented and discussed.

The document to prove that the technical requirements of Möbelfakta are met is the test report from an accredited laboratory. The course Möbelfakta also deals with the possibilities to divide products in families to test and mark in an optimal way. The documentation that the environmental requirements of Möbelfakta are met is for example certificates, test reports and product information leaflets (SDS).

After the course you will be certified and permitted to label your products with the Möbelfakta logotype. 
When and where?
See the calendar regarding upcoming courses. 


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